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99 503

  • cocktail0.10.1

    55 218 Downloads

    Cocktail is a date/time recurrence library for Elixir based on iCalendar events. It can generate a stream of dates/times based on a set of repeat rules.

  • deferrable0.0.1


    Library for deferring execution of code until the completion of a transaction block.

  • ecto_diff0.4.0

    20 988 Downloads

    Generates a data structure describing the difference between two ecto structs

  • excal0.3.2

    5 746 Downloads

    NIF bindings to libical providing icalendar rrule expansion.

  • tipalti0.9.0

    17 427 Downloads

    Tipalti integration library for Elixir, including Payee and Payer SOAP API clients and iFrame integration helpers.