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Total Downloads
64 678

  • abt_did_elixir0.3.7

    25 480 Downloads

    Elixir implementation of [ABT DID protocol](

  • ex_abci0.9.0

    6 074 Downloads

    [Tendermint ABCI spec]( implementation. Inspired by [abci_server]( and [js-abci](

  • ex_abci_proto0.9.0

    5 586 Downloads

    [Tendermint ABCI protos]( Extracted from [ex_abci](

  • forge_abi1.21.1

    8 831 Downloads

    Forge Abi contains forge related protocol buffer definitions and Goldorin GraphQL definitions. It is a dependency for Forge and Forge Elixir SDK. Normally as a Dapp developer you won't use the code here directly but you'd use the types defined here.

  • forge_sdk1.1.4

    11 111 Downloads

    Elixir / Erlang version of the SDK for Forge framework.

  • goldorin0.41.4

    3 616 Downloads

    Generate schema code for various libraries, like ecto, absinthe, etc.

  • grpc_builder0.3.2-alpha


    GRPC builder helps to generate the GRPC client and server code.

  • mcrypto0.2.2

    3 194 Downloads

    Multiple crypto support.